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“Cosatto, my dear friends, is 93% inspiration, 6% sparkle, 4% cups of tea and 2% genius.” – Willy Wonka

It’s grim Up North.

Oh yeah? Wanna bet?

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are seven acknowledged wonders of the world. You are about to witness the eighth.

Access All Areas with roving reporter Wendy Woop

On a quiet Bolton street stands Bentinck Mill, the Cosatto HQ. Don’t let the red brick industrial exterior fool you. We’re not in Bolton anymore. An emerald green sign reads, “our lovely stuff”. I open the door to a hub of hubbub away from the humdrum.

The Cosatto Reception (or Decompression Chamber)

“We have to acclimatise people slowly, giving them a chance to adjust from the ordinary to the extraordinary without overwhelming them”, says Andrew Kluge CEO.

Imagine all Cosatto’s lovely stuff in one room. People have been known to weep and fall to their knees praising all that is pushchair.

Mrs. Hempshaw of Boundlethwaite describes the first time she clapped eyes on the Cosatto showroom,

“I’ve never seen owt like it – and there’s biscuits.”


I am led to a small ante-chamber with five coloured doors. A green door to my right reads, “display cabinet”. Slowly I turn the brass doorknob. At first I am blinded by shafts of coloured light then my eyes adjust. I have truly entered another dimension; a giant room so full of Cosatto quirkiness and joy that I find myself turning cartwheels. I have never done a cartwheel in my life.This is a revelation on a gymnastical fantastical scale.

Every shape, colour and quirk that the mind can conceive confronts me. Lime splashes collide with sparkly robots. Wild animals dot red velvet hills. Mad tangerine cars zoom down turquoise city streets full of friendly trees. Words fail me. I can only lead you to the wonder that is the Cosatto Products section of their awe-inspiring new website. Bask in the high quality future focussed nursery glory. Stay seated to avoid cartwheel confusion.

This is Wendy Woop signing off.

Cosatto Playground

All cogs in the big Cosatto wheel, each person plays a vital part. Engineers, Designers, Wordsmiths, Customer Carers, Mathematicians, Scientists, Product Wizards, Marketeers, Artists, Colour Connoisseurs, Cake chef…

See them at work… (Us Lot)