Cosatto Adopt Chester Zoo Flamingos

flamingo chester zoo

Flamingos. Pink in colour, long legs, elongated neck, hooked beaks. There’s no mistaking a flamingo when you see one. In celebration of Cosatto’s Flamingo Fling pattern, we have decided to adopt the flamingos at Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo is home to 7,000 animals and 400 different species, including everything from elephants, to penguins, reptiles and of course, the flamingos. Chester Zoo welcomes 1.4million happy faces to the zoo every year and has become the UK’s number one zoo. Chester Zoo have two impressive breeding colonies of flamingos; Caribbean flamingos and Chilean flamingos. You can see these flamingos live in action on the Chester Zoo webcam here.

Flamingos – Did you know?

  • There are five different species of flamingos, but it takes a trained eye to distinguish the difference between them. Some of these flamingos come from a variety of harsh environments such as frozen, saline lakes and boiling, volcanic mud flats.
  • Flamingos are most notable for their beautiful vibrant colours, which range from deep scarlet through to light shades of pink. The feathers underneath the wings are black however, and these can only be seen when they’re flying.
  • Flamingos are gregarious, social birds that live in large colonies of potentially thousands of birds. They will synchronize entrancing courtship displays to help with breeding; this consists of marching, head-turning, calling and preening.
  • Flamingo chicks are born with grey and white feathers and they don’t actually turn pink for a year or two. Flamingos in the wild generally live for about 30 years, though those in zoos tend to have a longer lifespan.

Cosatto Flamingo Challenge

NUMBER 1 – Flamingo Selfie

flamingo chester zoo2

Chester Zoo have told us that flamingos like to strut their stuff and even have a tendency to show off; they like to have a bit of a dance and they have some great moves to show for it too! With it being half term this week, many of you may be heading on a day trip to the zoo or you may have been to one in the past. With their flamboyant colours and entrancing dancing, it is clear flamingos aren’t camera shy, so we want to see your flamingo selfies.

Upload your pictures to Cosatto social media with the #FlamingoSelfie and join us in celebrating the adoption of flamingos at Chester Zoo.

NUMBER 2 – Standing On One Leg

flamingo chester zoo WIN

We all know flamingos have impeccable balance and they’re famous for standing on one leg without falling over. Scientists aren’t quite sure of the reason why flamingos do this, but some possible explanations we’ve come across are:

  • When some animals are sleeping, they only turn one side of their brain off, for example dolphins and ducks are known to do this. If flamingos do this too, the leg off the ground could be on the same side of the brain that’s sleeping.
  • As flamingos have such long legs, it takes a lot of energy to pump the blood round. By lifting up one leg and tucking it into the body, this may help conserve energy and will allow the heart to more easily pump blood around the body.
  • Due to spending so much time wading in water, it’s suggested that flamingos stand on one leg to keep warm and help conserve body heat.

But really, we just think flamingos enjoy doing a bit of yoga!

**Now it’s over to you… We want you to do the FLAMINGO CHALLENGE!

Flamingos can stand on one leg for hours at a time, but how long can YOU stand on one leg? Round up your tots, give it a go, time yourselves and share your flamingo videos with us on social media with the #FlamingoChallenge before 12pm on Friday 6th November. Our favourite video will win a family ticket to CHESTER ZOO.**

Terms & Conditions – only videos entered before 12pm on Friday 6th November will be considered. Family of ticket to Chester Zoo is 2 adult tickets and 2 children tickets. Must be used before 30th April 2016.