Cosatto and Paris Collide…

Cosatto were let loose in the city of light last week. Feast your eyes on our fab finds. Zut alors!

Who else makes strollers designed for sashaying down le Champs Elysees? There you go with that je ne sais quoi. You got le Cosatto cool!

We are all about the gigs this season…like Monsieur L’Optician


It’s because you guys craved colour, that we burst onto the scene. Furnishing your joyful journey, we trawl the globe distilling the avant garde for the Cosatto nation.

Is this Clark bunny or Super bunny?

We seek out new lands; the debonair districts, the arondissiments a la mode. You want baby stuff that is streets ahead and we love you for it.

Rock the boat where possible, like Le Cool Shop

Welcome to the world baby! A world of colour and joy, to celebrate your little chaps. 

 The Cosatto circus comes to town including our beloved Ferm Living at Mr.Poulet, Rue de Sevigny

Say ‘NON!’ to drab ditherers on wheels. Say ‘NON!’ to flat nursery stuff. It ain’t just decor it’s your journey. Sprinkle that starlight across baby’s world. Planet Cosatto is strewn with rainbow moon rocks.


An array of arresting Parisian pattern at le cool shop

Does my nursery look drab in this?

You and little one are not just about A to B, but A to B via a rainbow slide and a starry swing. That’s how you roll. Thank croissant for adventurers like you.


Spotty knitted doll

Love a spotty dress knitted doll we do, so does Cool Shop

Wide eyed wanderers...

Little adventurers are agog at our world...Cool Shop agrees

All little chaps should get to see their name in lights...

Quirky Patchwork Kitty

Spots, stripes,'re team Cool Shop

I name this planet, Cosatto...

We declare Planet Cosatto open. Make your bold neon statement, like PV.

Beam us up into a world of colour and pattern

"Beam us up!" beamed red cat.

Spotty bags gathered to admire on-trend bright desks in Cool Shop

Spotty bags gathered to admire on-trend bright desks in Le Cool Shop