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The Happy Baby Guarantee.


Your baby’s happiness is why we’re here.

Cosatto is actually good for your baby. We know it, the science guys know it and now you know it.  The patterns in our hood are designed to stimulate and engage your baby. Bright, eye-catching colour and storytelling pattern. 

What’s more, we’re so confident your baby will be happy and content in their pram we guarantee 100 days of happy baby - or you get your money back. Simple.

Choose happy. Choose Cosatto. 



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Sensory Stimulation

Fire their imagination from the start with storytelling pattern that leaps off our hood linings into their world. To us grown-ups, it’s love-at-first sight pattern. To your baby snuggled under the hood, it’s an enchanting experience that builds their brains. Who knew? The scientists did. We research baby development and what makes a healthy, happy grown-up. Bright sparks bursting with joy need pattern bursting with colour and enchantment. It’s stimulating, inspiring, powerful stuff. It’s Cosatto. 

Awards Accolades


Awards. Accolades. There’s a Reason.

All our Prams & Pushchairs enjoy first class reviews. Thank you.

5 star reviews everywhere. Go see.


When she wakes she loves playing with the patterns
inside the hood.

Melanie Chadwick

Happy as a kid


Happy as a kid in Cosatto

Designed by parents for parents, we think of all the details with our award-winning classics - from the softest luxury fabrics, to exquisite tailoring and cosy details.  Smiling babies are at the heart of it - happy, comfy and protected.  With our famous 4 year guarantee, you’re smiling too. Add in 2.5 million happy Cosatto babies around the world so far and it’s a smile fest.  

Cosatto. 50 years of happy babies.

8 out of 10


Kids Love Cosatto.

How do we know? They told us. Loud and clear.

Take a look at the fun we had…




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All the deets


Happy Baby Guarantee– 100 days of Happy Baby - or your money back. It’s that simple.

Just remember a few things from the off:

> Register your 4 year guarantee within 28 days of receiving your Cosatto.

> Keep all the packaging

> Hang on to your receipt



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