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Kids tell it like it is – and they told us. Loud and clear. We did a test. 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto. So what are you waiting for? The kids have spoken. Take their lead.

Choose happy. Choose Cosatto.


Kids Love Cosatto

We decided to prove it. To make it all official and put a big bow on it.  

6 nurseries, 106 kids, 1 camera man and proof on the gopro. Smiley stars, roaring dragons and 43 cartwheels too. Go see.


It was one Crazy Summer. One intense, life-affirming, wildly happy happening.  

We ran a test with 100+ tots in nurseries showing strollers from Cosatto and other brands too.  They looked.  They grinned.  They pointed. They chose.  The result? 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto. 


Space man
Unicorn land

Make them happy

So, 8 out of 10 kids choose Cosatto. They’re choosing wonder, joy, stories and magic.  It’s the reason we do what we do, here at the magic mill. It’s the reason for our famous storytelling patterns - dragons, unicorns… you name it, we sprinkle the sparkle.  So, what are you waiting for?  Colour their life.

Make Believe Matters

Every pattern tells a story. From dancing llamas to miracle mermaids, discover a world of magical stories behind our legendary pattern. Straight out of the happiest book you ever read.




Banana Drama

Go Bananas


Bananas are a very melodramatic fruit. They’re yellow and side splitting. In Benny’s garden was a tree with the bounciest bananas in the world. “Make like a banana and split!” he’d shout and with that they’d all somersault into a bowl, bouncing around, splodging with joy and making the wibbliest wobbliest banana split in the world. People came from miles around to try Benny’s Banana Split, from his magic banana tree…





Fresh as a Daisy

Fairy Garden

Here’s a secret between me and you. Fairies have a job to do. In cahoots with bumble bees, they tend the daisies beneath the trees. And when their petals close at night, it really is a wondrous sight. The fairies hover silken-winged, then flutter in a fairy ring. And singing softly as they must, they sprinkle them with fairy dust. Hushed and silent, the daisies dream, then they’re awoken by sunbeams. They dance in happy daisy chains, before the cycle starts again.



Meet their new fave

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Sea Monsters

Woosh 2 Stroller


footer judo

Bunny Buddy

Judo Group 1/2/3 car seat


footer woosh xl

Mister Fox

Woosh XL Stroller


footer sumo

Sea Monsters

Sumo Group 2/3 car seat