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Meet Team Cosatto

We’re a small, values-driven, family business priding ourselves on being nice humans who want to do the right thing. Ordinary people saving the world from boring baby stuff. That’s us. 

Our HQ is officially the 2nd best place to work in the whole UK.

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Andrew Kluge

Managing Director / CEO
My fave film is: About a Boy – I like to think I'm the Hugh Grant character.

My fave Cosatto product is: Anything Pixelate!!


Creative and Marketing



Vicky Morley

Creative and Marketing Director
If I were a colour I would be: red, because it's direct, obvious and alive! My fave film is: Funny Face – what's not to love? Audrey Hepburn, in Paris, in glorious technicolour – with music, fashion and BALLOONS!!!


Stephen Shaw

Head Designer
My fave Cosatto product is: I can't decide, it's like picking a favourite child. If I were a colour I would be: ‘rellue' because that's a mixture of all the primary colours. Come to think of it mixing them all makes brown, so I suppose I'm brown?


Rachel Tarlan

Senior Graphic Designer
My fave film is… Muriel’s Wedding, because it’s the perfect mix of tear-jerker and feelgood, with an amazing soundtrack! My fave Cosatto product is... Wonder


George Dunkley

Graphic Designer
I think Cosatto = Bonkers. My fave film is the Japanese animation Spirited Away or anything by Studio Ghibli.


Sarah Alcock

Senior Textile Designer
If I were colour I would be: red, because it instantly cheers things up... I think Cosatto = bright, bold and proud to stand out in a sea of plain prams.


Lottie Perry

Photography Manager 
My fave film is: Drive – amazing tension and the visual treat that is Ryan Gosling ;-) Going to the beach with my then-three-year-old – she kept saying ‘beach’, but it sounded like a much ruder, similar-sounding word…


Toni Doxey

Brand Editor
My fave Cosatto product is: the Waffle highchair – it’s colourful, Scando-inspired and looks like a brilliantly chunky toy. My fave film is: Dead Poet's Society - ‘seize the day' is a real Cosatto sentiment.

Millie Rollinson

Millie Rollinson

Marketing Maestro
My favourite Cosatto pattern is Chopsticks - what's not to love about a smiling sushi bowl?
I would choose to go as Scary Spice when I go to a fancy dress party.


Emma Porcelli



Melissa Wells

Marketing Assistant


Claudia McLaren

Social Media Executive

Yvonne Bibby

Danial McKenna

Associate Digital Marketing Director


Alexandra Dakpogan

Ecommerce Assistant

Product Development & Technical



Mark Swift

Operations Director
My fave film is: Forrest Gump. Why? It reminds me of the importance of life's 'box of chocolates', and that's all I have to say... 'bout that. I think Cosatto = A 'playground' for grown-ups who take the safety, happiness and future of babies very seriously indeed!


Steve Howarth

Associate Product Development Director
If I were a colour I would be: blue, because it is calm. My fave Cosatto product is: the i-spin, I put my heart and soul into it.


Eric Jolley

Product Engineer
My fave film is: I am a sci-fi fan so it would have to be Alien and Terminator. I think Cosatto = Different.


Mark Lee

Senior Technologist
My fave Cosatto product is: The Yo! – the name and product just sum us up as a company: thoughtful & easy to use products with personality. The cheekiest thing I have ever done is: Working for Cosatto. In fact, I am still doing it now.


Samantha Rigby

Product Development Manager
If I were a colour I would be: orange as I class myself as bright, bubbly and can be lots of fun. I think Cosatto = quirky.


Vicki Sofield

Product Development Manager
If I were a colour I would be: mix of orange and yellow and blue like the sun and clouds on a sunny day – I like to think I'm a happy sunny person most of the time. I think Cosatto = vibrant, energetic, vivacious, animated, funky and fresh.


Roz Swain

Senior Product Quality & Compliance Manager


Mike Collinson

Senior Product Engineer



Yvonne Bibby

Mark Grundy

Finance Director


Sheila Patel

Associate Finance Director
If I were a colour I would be: blue – because I love being in the sea and the blue skies cheer me up. A bit corny I know. I think Cosatto = groovy.


Beth Greenwood

Management Accountant
My fave film is: Father of the Bride – I never get sick of watching it. The cheekiest thing I have ever done is: accidentally walking out of a cafe without paying for my meal, and only realising when I was two miles down the road!

Yvonne Bibby

Yvonne Bibby

Finance Assistance




Rebecca Carson

Associate Regional Sales Director
My fave film is: Saving Private Ryan because it's visually stunning, an emotional rollercoaster, is full of action and history and has a fantastic ending. My fave Cosatto product is: I love all Cosatto products but if I had to pick my favourite it would be the Ooba Kimono or the Supa Poppidelic...

Yvonne Bibby

Johan Meyfroidt

Head of International Sales


Michelle Bateson

International Sales

My fave Cosatto product is: the Ooba, I think it’s so easy to push, fold and change modes, it also looks cute and quirky. If I were a colour I would be: Pink. It’s a real girly, bright and fun colour.


Kerry Pickles

Senior Sales Coordinator
I think Cosatto = the place to be. My fave films are... the Twilight Saga (Edward Cullen... mmm...)


Laura Wells

Associate UK Sales Director
If I were a colour I would be teal because Its calm whilst being a little bit daring and bold. I think Cosatto = crazy, fun, and completely unique.


Chris Rigby

Sales Executive (Telesales)
My fave Cosatto product is: The 3sixti 2, because it’s funky. My fave film is: The Sixth Sense – it has a twist in the tale.

Yvonne Bibby

Janine Burrows

National Account Manager


Lily Earp

International Marketing Manager

Spares & Repairs



Steve Nightingale

Associate Operations Director
My fave Cosatto product is: The Cabi 3-in-1 pushchair. It does it all. I think Cosatto = helpful.

rob wilson

Rob Wilson

Spares and Service Coordinator
I prefer watching foreign films so my favourite film is Goodbye Lenin. If I was going to a fancy dress party I would choose to go as Tarzan!

ste menzies

Ste Menzies

Spares and Service Coordinator
I'd go as Ash Ketchum from Pokemon to a fancy dress party as he's my childhood hero. My favourite Cosatto pattern would be Tattoodle because it's very stylish and looks cool.

Yvonne Bibby

Gareth Hayes

Spares and Service Coordinator

Operations & Planning



Lee Oakley

Associate Planning & Inventory Director
If I were a colour I would be: blue – calm, clear-headed and reliable. My most embarrassing moment: Passing a queue of old women after accidently using the female toilets at my local Tesco. I thought it was odd that there were no urinals!


Rachel Fairclough

Sales and Operations Coordinator
My fave films are: Love Actually and The Lion King, can't beat a good old Disney classic! My most embarrassing moment was: ringing up a radio station to win Lady Gaga tickets, getting the answer wrong and then convincing myself live on air that it was a joke and that I had actually won (when it wasn't a joke at all).




Mark Fenton

Business Facilities Manager
If I were a colour I would be: midnight blue because I am a night owl. I think Cosatto = family, teamwork, passion.




Mark Pendlebury

Associate IT Director
I think Cosatto = A great team of people who want to produce the very best! My fave film is: Alien. If it has acid for blood, can withstand extremes of temperature and likes to hide in dark places I'm all over it!

Customer Services



Dee Anderson

Head of Customer Care
My fave book is: Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks – the hilarious story of one man's hitchhiking adventure (with a fridge)! My fave Cosatto product is: without a doubt the Giggle 2 Pixelate! So unusual and one of a kind!


Kim Benham

Customer Care Manager
My fave film is: Magic Mike! Do I really need to explain why??? My most embarrassing moment is: When I came as a builder with a high-viz vest and hard hat for Halloween…. not very spooky, but I improvised!


Steph Renwick

Customer Care Manager
My fave film is: Phonebooth - it was a very intense film but very simple to make. The cheekiest thing I have ever done is: taken someone else's restaurant reservation when there was an hour wait; (then the real person turned up. I had to lie and say my name was Ilnycky).

Yvonne Bibby

Autumn Chesworth

Customer Care Manager


Kerrie Holt

Customer Care Manager

Toni Wadsworth

Toni Wordsworth

Customer Care Manager

Yvonne Bibby

Stacey Feathers

Customer Care Manager


Elaine Smith

Customer Care Manager

Yvonne Bibby

Jessica McCormick

Customer Care Manager