8/10 Kids Choose Cosatto

8/10 Kids Choose Cosatto   It was one Crazy Summer. One intense, life-affirming, wildly happy happening. We ran a test with 100+ tots in nurseries showing strollers from Cosatto and other brands too.  They looked.  They grinned.  They pointed. They chose.  The result? 8 out of 10 kids chose Cosatto.  Take a look…     […]

Storytime – Llamarama

Do the Llamarama – The Llamarama Story.   Meet Lorenzo. He’s the campest llama in Guatemala. He dances. And when he dances the world sings. Babies cheer. His hooves are on fire. He’s got the quirkiest quickstep this side of Peru and he’ll challenge you to a dramatic dance-off before you can say “ay caramba”. […]

Storytime – Fairy Clouds.

Never a Dull Moment – The Fairy Clouds Story. Clouds get a bad rap. People say they’re grumpy rain-filled misery bringers. These are the people that tut and put their black umbrellas up, scurrying away.  If only they knew that clouds are magical beings. If only they knew the power of rain. Every tot knows […]