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4 Factors That Increase Your Chances of Having Twins.

4 Factors That Increase Twin Odds

So you’re thinking of having a baby, actually you’re thinking of having two… in fact wouldn’t it be nice to have two babies at the same time? Well you have clicked on this post for a reason, we think you may want twins!

There are many factors that affect your chances of conceiving twins here are some of them;

1.Family History

Lots of factors affect chances of conceiving twins, unfortunately this one’s hereditary. Did you know the chances of conceiving twins comes ONLY from the female’s family so even if your baby daddy is a twin himself that won’t increase statistics.


2. Age

Naturally conceived twins are far more common in women who are 30-40’s. As you age your body goes into a mini panic and often releases more than 1 egg per month resulting in multiple babies. Waiting a few years to conceive could slightly up your chances however this is a risky method.


3. Diet

A woman who consumes a diet high in meat and healthy fat increases her chances of getting pregnant with twins over a woman who consumes a vegetarian low fat diet. So if you really want to up your odds, tuck into the steak… sod it even eat that burger you’ve been depriving yourself of.


4. Medical Treatment

Fertility treatment such as IVF can increase the statistic of conceiving multiple children at once. In fact when IFV first started to become more readily available, twin rates almost doubled, this is due to ovulation being stimulated by the IVF drugs.

Lastly… if you do get pregnant with two little dots… make sure you do your twin pushchair research 😉

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