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4 things your friends won’t tell you about childbirth

4 things your friends won’t tell you about childbirth 

So… you’re pregnant, you’ve had your baby shower and all your mummy friends have been telling you all the best bits of being a parent. But what information have they left out? Here’s 4 things your friends won’t tell you about childbirth.


1. The Fishing Net

If your planning on having a water birth, your friends have probably have told you about how serene it is to get into the luke warm pool and give birth to your new love under dimmed lit lighting. One thing they might have missed out is the rogue fishing net in the room, used to fish out those little brown fishies… or poo’s to me and you. But don’t sweat it, you’ll be concentrating on your breathing and contractions and the impending birth of your little dot that you won’t care if the fishing net does make an appearance.


2. The Afterbirth Pains

As if childbirth isn’t painful enough, some women experience contractions twice! Yes ladies, you may or may not have been warned but giving birth to the ‘afterbirth’ can sometimes cause contractions as painful as the birth… but with a weird alien jelly sack at the end instead of a cute little baby. This is quite rare however and most women who experience this usually already have multiple children.


3. The Sweats

So you’ve given birth and now have a lovely bundle of joy that almost makes the memory of all the birth grossness go away. Your friends, however have maybe forgot to mention a little thing called ‘Postpartum Sweats’ These can occur a few days after pregnancy for some women and up to 2 months later for others, think night sweats, day sweats, sweats when you walk anywhere, sweats when you’re sat down… the lot. Don’t panic this is just your body’s way of helping you shed the excess fluid that helped to protect your beautiful baby for 9 months. Give yourself a little time (and a spare change of clothes for those particularly sweaty days)

4. The Jelly Belly

Many mums probably don’t expect to be back in their crop tops a week after giving birth, but have your friends discussed their postpartum tums? Some mums have described their post baby belly as sponge like texture, with others describing it as wobbly playdoh. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, after all you have been carrying around a human for 9 months so it will likely take about the same time for your organs and skin to return to your post baby body. Have a little patience and appreciate how amazing the female body is, growing a human is pretty cool. Go Girls!


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