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5 Reasons to Choose Glamping

Go Eco-Friendly. Go Glamping.

Right now, going abroad is a no-go. Thankfully, the UK is stacked with beautiful destinations. Glamping is a bit of luxury in a natural setting. Fun, eco-friendly getaways are booming. People are choosing a more natural, environmentally-friendly option. It feels like getting back to the things that matter. Family time and nature with a few home comforts of course. From eco-pods to treehouses, safari tents and huts, go wild, help the planet and stay safe of course.


5 Reasons Glamping Beats Holidays Abroad in an Eco-Friendly World


Sustainable Structures

Glamping abodes are often created with sustainable materials, such as wood, with heating facilities that have a minimal effect on the environment, like log burners or your good old-fashioned campfire.

Offsetting for the Ozone

If you’re choosing a staycation for adventures, the travelling is often less than if you were to go abroad. If you don’t have to fly, you’re reducing the ozone-damaging emissions released into the atmosphere.

Fresh and Plastic Free

Glamping destinations cut down on vehicle emissions, with loads of great walking trails and shops selling local produce nearby.  Find cute farm shops with quality ingredients for your al fresco dinner – minus the packaging. Doing your bit to reduce plastic waste is one of the best ways to become more eco-friendly, and glamping holidays are usually hot on this.

Early Eco-Awareness

Kids can bond with nature on glamping holidays – discovering where they fit in the ecosystem early on. As little environmental custodians, they can help nature grow as they do.

Choose to Re-Use

Re-usables reign supreme as glamping destinations ditch the disposables. More and more glamping businesses have eco-friendly amenitites and facilities, from loos to storage containers. Check out their eco facilities when you book.


Glamping Giveaway

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