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9 Cheeky Cards Celebrating Grandparents

Wish them Well with a Card to Make Them Chuckle..

Straw poll round the team. Grandparents are it. They’ve reached the point in life where they know what matters and what really, really doesn’t. Wisdom with humour. Great combo. With more and more Grandfamilies on the rise, plus substitute grandparents, sometimes it’s more about attitude, wisdom and having fun than the official title of Grandparent.  So however you got there, honorary grandparents, fairy godmothers, 2nd aunties twice removed and all who have that vibe. We salute you. So do these Scribbler cards


Littl’uns and grandparents showing how it’s done. None of that boring ‘parenting’ stuff.


In the black and white days, there was no Google. Yet still people knew eleven was not pronounced onety-one. Incredible.


Nanas knew knitting was cool all along. Send this your Nan, she’ll jumper for joy.


Nowadays, Nana’s a web head and social butterfly. Silver surfer? Mine says only if her roots are showing on Zoom.


“Before mobiles were invented you agreed to meet someone on a certain day, at a certain time in a certain place and you just bloomin’ well turned up.” That’s us preparing our olden days speeches early.


Nan’s everyone’s superhero.


For hipster Grandads everywhere.


This one needs to sit on the naughty step and think about its behaviour. Really.


Gramps takes littl’uns fishing? This is perfect.

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