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And breathe… an Introduction to Hypnobirthing

And breathe… an intro to Hypnobirthing

Are you pregnant and considering a more natural way of delivering your bundle of joy? Introducing Hypnobirthing, the mind over matter birth technique mums everywhere are signing up for.

So Hypnobirthing, what is it?

More and more ‘mums-to-be’ are recognising that birth is natural and they do not want the medical intervention that modern day seems to have introduced. Our bodies are made to give birth and we have the power within us to have a safe, natural and beautiful birthing experience, as nature intended. With modern-day stress it’s even more important that we slow down during pregnancy. As a pregnant mother, when our stress levels are high, our anxieties elevate and baby feels this too. The calmer we are, the calmer baby is and more chance of a smoother pregnancy and birth. Hypnobirthing is a therapy that helps relax ‘mum-to-be’ during pregnancy and birth, eliminates fear and releases pain during birth. These sessions are recorded so that you can listen to them during your pregnancy and is also a great way for dad or your birthing partner to get involved too!

Why Hypnobirthing?

 You may have read or heard that when ‘mums-to-be’ arrive at hospital their contractions slow down? This is because your primal maternal instincts kick in. Our subconscious is a very powerful place, where we can change our mind-set and perception of anything we want to. This is where hypnobirthing works its magic. Once you have developed this mind-set, it doesn’t matter when or how you arrive at hospital or if you have to give birth at home, because you are prepared. You are in control and you have control over your mind and its thoughts. If you are positive and calm, baby will feel positive and calm. Hypnobirthing techniques can be applied wherever you give birth. Knowledge is power!

Everybody’s birth experience is unique, and using hypnobirthing you will be prepared and in control  for the pregnancy and birth. The birthing process is more likely to run smoother if you and baby are working as a team through the whole pregnancy and birth journey. Just remember, every contraction is a step closer to meeting baby. You were made to do this!

For more information on Hypnobirthing visit The Escape Manchester website


Happy Hypnobirthing!

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