Your Scrapbook Contributors

Meet our roving reporters – here to bring LOVE IT moments and channel newness for you. They’re curiously curious about the world and about you. Tell them what you’d like to see. They’d pattern up the moon for you if they could.

It’s that Cosatto DNA again. Crikey.


Social Media Manager

Lottie’s our social media guru creating and sharing Cosatto inspiration. She’s also Cordon Bleu trained and makes a mean macaroon. She’s a mum and a seamstress too. She’s currently loving yellow and black together – our very own sewing bee. If it’s cute and crafty, Lottie’s on it and crocheted the bonnet



Public Relations Executive

Ed’s our modern old-school gent. A film buff and trained journo with an eye for bright and a nose for a story, he’s our roving-est reporter. He has been known to shout a victory “huzzah!” with arms aloft when he thinks nobody’s looking. Has a pair of trousers in every colour. Likes Chinese food and 80’s tunes.



Brand Editor

Toni’s our resident word-weaver. She whooshes words in the air and they land all Cosatto. Which is handy. Loves cats, cinema and cycling. She actually got a ticket to see Kate Bush. Has an exclamation mark phobia! If you’ve read something, somewhere a bit Cosattoey, Toni’s in there somewhere.



Senior Graphic Designer

Nat creates our brand visual presence with rarely a felt tip in sight. Reporting back from the fashion frontline, if there’s a kooky hat, it’s on Nat. She loves guinea pigs and cute cars. If it’s cute it’s on Nat’s head. If it’s a lovingly formed piece of graphic beauty for Cosatto, on her head be it too.



Creative Director

Vicky can spot a new trend from light years away. She brings the design eurekas and the team cake. A maverick with Cosatto brain, she drives a red cartoon car and has a technicolour wardrobe.  A yogini who loves pattern, she channels what she sees into our next season’s stuff. Om…


Associate Design Director

That pushchair you’re loving right now, the statement highchair you need in your kitchen, Stephen drew it into reality. Stephen loves innovative design, photography and animation plus a bit of inspirational motivational stuff. Leaves stuff deftly designed. He’s a bit of a dancefloor dazzler on the quiet.


Public Relations Manager

If you’ve heard of Cosatto, Emma’s had a hand in it. She puts the Italian into Cosatto and is passionate about sharing the bright with you. She speaks fluent shoes and has been known to combust with excitement. The bubbly mouthpiece – if our stuff could talk it would sound like Emma.



Textile Designer

Sarah’s our resident pattern powerhouse. She loves France and the continental lifestyle and a good patterned shirt. Has a really nice yellow belt that’s almost neon which sums up the bright she puts into our stuff. She’s got a biscuit stash in her desk drawer for when we are good. She’s all over the yoga too.


Senior Graphic Designer

George has got a mini 3D printout of himself which he covers up because it’s a bit scary. He wears Adidas trainers and has a newly discovered baking talent. He likes a good rucksack, probably dreams in Illustrator and gives glorious graphics. In fact, you’re looking at his work right now.