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AW17 Collection fires kids imaginations

AW17 fire their imagination

All kids are storytellers. Their imaginations are on fire.

We’ve developed our legendary storytelling pattern around them, their fave colours, stories, dragons, emojis, you name it.

The Cosatto AW17 collection is here.

Their story is here.

Unleash it.

Meet AW17:

Dragon Kingdom

Shop Dragon Kingdom >

The stuff of legend. Big-hearted ancient chaps. Let your little knight dream up his own story in a magical surround – an enchanted land far far away. Castles, shields, dragons. This is for the brave and true. Puff.


Lolz pattern swatch
Shop Lolz >

Emojis. It’s the new universal language. Kids love emojis. Babies love faces, it’s the first thing they look for. Spark your chatterbox’s imagination with this wild emoji shower. What’s your emoji face?


Shop Superfood >

Veg with faces. Betty Beetroot, Colin Carrot and your little munchkin. New best friends, creating new stories together, all while getting a shot of visual Vitamin C when it comes to feeding time. It’s a no brainer. Give peas a chance.

Grey Megastar

Grey Megastar swatches
Shop Grey Megastar >

Hello spaceboy. Exploring the universe, travelling through space, going back to the future. Your mini astronaut is on a new mission. A mission to the stars. Let imaginations rocket to outer-space.

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