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The Back to School Blues.

Ok, we’re gonna’ say it. Summer is officially nearly over. The light summer nights are slowly being replaced by darker, cooler climes and it’s almost time for the kids to go back to the dreaded 6 letter word ‘SCHOOL’.

Here in the office, we have mixed opinions on the ending of the summer holidays. They seem to rollercoaster from somewhere around jumping for joy, to sobbing intensely. Check out the 5 emotional stages of the back to school countdown below.

  1. 1 week to go. School uniform no longer fits. Get to Asda. They’ve ran out.

  2. Kids are crying saying they don’t want to go back. Crying turns to uncontrollable sobbing which turns to screaming. Not long now, not long now.

  3. Watching them go into school rather wistfully at the end of all that drama. Realise you’re going to miss your little companions.

  4. Meet and greet the mum mafia in the playground.

  5. Think about how the house is going to be spotless and pristine and how you’re going to get you’re sh*t together now you’re on your own again. Reality.

    Let us know your thoughts and the kids coming back to school? Happy or heartbroken?

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