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Small steps to becoming more eco-friendly

Little Things Matter

Eco up your life and help the planet with these little changes…

Every journey starts with a single step. Let today be that day. Change something and before you know it those carbon footprints are smaller, the planet’s happier. Check out these handy changes you can make…

Paper-Free is Freedom

Swamped by a jungle of paper? Flyers, bills, newspapers. Stem the tide. Most companies offer paperless billing, shops offer email receipts. Just imagine. Less rooting around in the receipt drawer. Give the kids scrap paper to draw on, from envelopes to the back of cards, they can go wild. Rip it up. Have fun.

Choose to Re-Use

Stuck in an excess waste loop? Try switching everyday essentials to reusable alternatives. Sustainable stuff is prettier too. Save money and stay classy with a good quality water bottle that will last. Get them personalised for the whole family. Washable sandwich bags are a thing. Ditch the disposables and grab a lunch ‘it’ bag. Some eco experts suggest re-usable nappies. It’s doable. Take baby steps to get there if necessary. It’s a matter of choice and don’t beat yourself up. Doing just one thing is better than doing nothing.

Brewing-Up Better

According to Eco Bravo research shows that teabags account for about 96% of the millions of cups of tea made daily in the UK. We all love a brew, but the packing can add to problems for the environment. Opt for biodegradable teabags to cut down waste generated each year.

Considerate Consumption

Throwaway stuff is cheap and tempting, but costs you and the planet more in the long run. Choose higher quality stuff that will last. Conscious consumerism is a wave taking us into the new world. People are making more considered purchases. From charity shop finds to upcycling old stuff, pre-loved can be creative too. Kids aren’t born wanting everything brand new. It’s good for them to see the importance of quality over quantity and that second hand can be cool too.

We all want the best of everything for our baby. The pressure is real. Help the planet and find a bit of freedom. Eco-conscious decisions really matter. Now more than ever. Even small changes give you a bit of wriggle room. Some purchases are necessary so go for quality. Buy it and love it for longer.

What about prams?

Until we hover in space buggies, people will always need prams. Opt for a good quality, sturdy one. Did we mention we do those? Or…go for one of our pre-loved travel systems. They undergo vigorous testing, checking and strict sign-off, so only the best quality pieces get the Cosatto green light. Shop them here.












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