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‘Big’ Brotherly Love & Second Pregnancy.

Although I’ve been feeling this baby move since around 14 weeks the kicking and turning has really stepped up a notch this past week. It often feels like my tummy is just a giant pin ball machine for this wriggly little girl.

I’ve had to really think about how far along I am whenever anyone asks me and instead of knowing the week and days I tend to say ‘oh roughly six months’. When the baby isn’t kicking up a storm I have periods where I actually forget I am pregnant! The first time round I would read forums, my daily update from my pregnancy app and research the chances of survival of a baby born at whatever week I was (anyone else do that??). This time round I’m much more relaxed but also a lot more busy so when it gets to the evening and I finally get to sit down I do try and spend sometime bonding with this baby of mine. Even if it’s just rubbing my tummy for a while.

Cath Kidston - Fritha Strickland
Look at my ROAR’SOME Tummy Mummy 🙂

Wilf ever the excited big-brother-to-be wakes each morning (after he’s come into our bed somewhere around 4am) and says good morning to my tummy and gives it a little hug. We have already chosen a first and middle name but we have decided to keep it to ourselves (and Wilf) so it’s lovely to hear him calling her by her name already. It’s nice to have that as our little thing when so much of our lives are public, it’s wonder though that I haven’t blurted it out as I am awful for keeping secrets!

Cath Kidston - Fritha Strickland
Fritha and bump are modelling the Cath Kidston Trailing Rose Swing Dress and Wilf is modelling the Cath Kidston Dino Tee.

With only three months to go I’m starting to day dream about what this baby will look like. People often say Wilf takes after me so I wonder if she will take after Tom and maybe have black hair and brown eyes, or if she will look like her brother. It’s funny you can never really imagine what your baby will look like until they are here and then when you first see them it’s like you’ve known their face all along.

How did you find your second pregnancy and how did your little ones get involved?


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