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Bigger Bump, Bigger Kicks, Bigger Baby Wardrobe

Now that morning sickness has ended and I’m more than half way through my pregnancy the weeks seem to be flying past. July seems to have gone in a flash and I catch myself suddenly remembering I’m pregnant having had forgotten for a couple of hours!

Fritha on steps

I’m starting to feel kicks a lot more consistently now. Although I started to feel little flutters around 14 weeks I am now getting lots of big kicks, mainly in the evening and when I’m resting. It’s such a wonderful/weird feeling and one that I don’t think you can ever describe. It’s funny as even though this isn’t my first pregnancy I had completely forgotten how it felt until it began this time round.

We’ve had a busy week with getting stuck into work projects and a bit of travel which I’m trying to fit in during this second trimester period before I get too bumpy and tired. Saying that, I’m already sometimes finding it a struggle to bend down and and get up again! I certainly have less energy than I did at this point the first time around but I suppose that’s always going to be the case with another child to look after!

Fritha with son 2

Wilf is as excited as ever about his soon to be little sister and is even doing things like picking out items in shops that he thinks she might like. On a recent trip to the bike shop he found a pink Peppa Pig neck rest that he was quite insistent the baby would need (I managed to persuade him we’d look at it when she was a bit older ;))

We’ve been stocking up on little bits of clothing here and there when we see a special piece or some sale bargains and the drawer we are using in Wilf’s dresser is starting to fill up. There is something so wonderful about folding baby clothes in preparation for your baby isn’t there?


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