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Car Seat Crazy – Life Of A Dad

The madness of kids and car seats……

It’s a known fact that when you have children you give up many things. Sleep. Self respect. Social Life. You also have to take them places. You take them to places you want to go to (rare). But you normally have to take them to places you don’t want to go. You become a chauffeur. A chauffeur without thanks.

Of course by law we’re not allowed to let them bounce around in the boot anymore….so we have to buy car seats. Surprisingly the humble car seat becomes a place where your kids can express their full range of emotions whilst safely strapped in.

For the parent this becomes an amplified metal box of your worst nightmares.

These emotions / states can be easily identified. Each comes with it’s own set of concerns.

  1. Sleep. The ideal outcome. However, at some point you need to wake them and they will be cranky. This is also the most dangerous outcome as they get older. You’re robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  2. Eating. Depending on your levels of OCD this is the worst result. Everyone starts off with the ‘no eating in the car’ mantra. This fails within 3 journeys. Hello sticky. You’ll soon be discovering lost civilisations in the back.
  3. Arguing. Admittedly you need 2 for this. They argue about who sits where. They argue about which window each one is allowed to use. They argue about everything. Give them everything the same. They still argue.
  4. Messing. Just stop di*&ing about!!!!
  5. Screaming. None-stop screaming. Incessant screaming. Ear bleeding hell. Screaming for no reason. Screaming for a reason. Pull over. Get out. Walk away.
  6. Performing. Every now and again they do something that makes you think ‘Awwww’….and then one of the above happens.
  7. Quiet Sitting. I think this is an Urban Myth.


The classic goggle dab.
Danger Nap.











It’s the journey not the destination that counts!

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