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Clutter! Clutter! Clutter! Top Tips On Keeping Things Organised with Trunki

Regardless of how tidy you are as a person, there can be no doubt that the introduction of a child makes the house metaphorically explode! As much as we all love them, It’s stressful enough raising a child, but adding an untidy, clutter-filled home only heightens the draining effect parenting can have.

So to try and make it all a little easier, we thought we would give you some top tips on how to keep on top of the inevitable clutter a little one brings:

Purge your home…

Take a few hours, and perhaps a few bin bags, and purge your home of everything you don’t need or want. This can sometimes be tricky, but try to be as clinical as possible – the less general clutter you have around the house, the less mess your little one can create.

Get everyone involved…

It doesn’t have to be you doing all the cleaning & tidying! Get the kids involved – they can give you a hand gathering things together, and it will help to teach them the value of being organized and tidy – key traits for later life!

Be organised & keep on top of everything…

Give everything a home, within your home… if that make sense! If everything has a defined place or area (when they are not being played with or used of course), you will find it easier to keep on top of everything. It will also help to reduce the time spent trying to find things, should little fingers misplace something – we like to avoid tantrums over missing toys as much as possible!

Make the most out of your space…

There is always something you can do to use your extra space – look around your house, do you have bare walls? Any empty space under the stairs? Or above/below the boiler? Under the beds maybe? All of these areas can be used to neatly store things – and if you wanted to take it that one step further, you could add new shelving, cubby holes or storage boxes to these areas – all things that will make life that little bit easier.

Keep your eye out for new products…

There are many products you can buy to help to keep your house tidy, for example our Easi Peasi Bathtime Changing Buddy will certainly make bath time easier – with lockable wheels and plenty of storage compartments. You just need to shop around a little, there are products to suit all needs, particularly ones that aim to make parenting easier!

Consider being organised on-the-go as well, no one likes a scramble to get out the door when you are in a rush – that’s exactly how things are forgotten! Having a great push chair can really help a parent out, like our Supa Go Stroller – these are high quality, durable, and excellent for keeping things organised!

You could also look into buying a Trunki, the world’s first ride-on suitcase for children. While Trunki is perfect for travelling as a family, it can also be used as your little ones first easy-to-transport ‘keep safe’ toybox, where they can safely store all their favorite items and toys, ready to grab and take anywhere in the blink of an eye! Trunki suitcases come in many designs and colours, so you are bound to find one perfect for your kids!

Tidy as you go…

It’s really easy to say, ‘ah, I will get to that later’… but if you try to keep on top of things as your day unfolds, you will find that keeping things organised is much easier. You will also find the need for ‘big clean ups’ becomes less and less daunting if you tidy as you go!

Relax, have a cup of tea, and get used to it…

All of these tips aside, it’s never going to be smooth sailing when you have little ones – there comes a time when you have to accept the fact that there will often be toys everywhere, crayon up the walls and toothpaste plastered on the back of the bathroom door…

Parenting – it’s no easy feat, but it’s worth every second!

This post was in collaboration with our friends over at Trunki.

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