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Cosatto Design Spotlight – Pitter Patter

Newsflash: Diddy design-lovers have been spotted doing raindances across the nation…those unable to walk yet are pulling raindance arm shapes. A style storm is brewing and a nation of cuties are getting puddle-ready. What is causing this rainy revolution?

Riders on the Storm: Only happy when it rains…

Our new Pitter Patter design may have something to do with it…

Raindrops are a thing? We’ve always known that up north…

Goody Gumdrops

From the flagship Giggle 2, the do-it-all travel system with tough new superpowers, to matching cosy nest the Hold 0+ car seat, from the Hootle 0+/1 – the two way hideway car seat, to Waffle highchair the luxury wooden wonder, they’re all rockin’ raindrops. The outlook is bright for your little raindrop.

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Pitter Patter ‘Rains’ Supreme
Giggle 2. Just laughing at the clouds, so high up above…

But what placed the pitter in the patter? Where did this Spring Summer 2015 splash-fash trend come from?

That Henri Matisse bloke. Le cool french genius and a dab hand at dabbing stunning chunks of paint on a canvas and they come out all heart-wrenching. He was verily an influence on Pitter Patter. Stephen Shaw, Cosatto’s Associate Design Director puts on his wellies and tells it like it is, “Henri Matisse’s work has been described as a ‘feast of dazzling dreams’. His joyful bold shapes inspired our Pitter Patter design. We wanted to create this happy explosion of colour in our own illustration.”

Tame those triangles. The ubiquitous geo-trend is giving way to a more free flowing, organic type design.

How Did Pitter Patter Develop? 

The geo-trend has been mahoosive over the past year. Doing a recce of global catwalks, our design team bring home the future fashion scoops and translate it into your next fave things. “Raindrops are everywhere next season,” says Sarah Alcock, Cosatto’s textile designer. ” We were inspired by the new flowing forms overtaking the geo-trend. Things are moving into a smoother less angular style. Our Freeform phase is totally on.”

Pitter Paris

Paris put the pitter in Pitter Patter too. “Super-sizing the Paris-inspired raindrops, makes a bold futuristic statement,” says Stephen. We’re all for a bit of Paris in the rain. In fact Paris in everything from pushchairs to parlance. You may have noticed this.

Web_oh la la lifestyle sq AW14 rgb
Paris obsessed? Us? Non!

So c’mon and ride on the storm with Matisse-inspired dazzling raindrops. Think Paris when it rains. From the moment you step out the door, Pitter Patter brings the rainbow to those envious streets.

But then what did you expect from the brand that invented the framed pushchair raincover causing a nation of babies to woop for joy as they were no longer rolling rain-splattered?

Till next time. Your forecast is rainy with a chance of utter delight.

Skip over puddles to shop your Pitter Patter pieces here.

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