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Dinovember – A ROARsome Way To Spend The Month
Cosatto C-Rex
Cosatto C-Rex

On November 1, kids in more than fifty countries woke up to find that their plastic dinosaurs had climbed out of the toy box and come to life. Cereal boxes were spilled, houseplants uprooted, and eggs cracked on the kitchen floor. Everyday childhood will be interrupted by Dinovember. Click here for the official guide!


Dinovember has landed and all the over the world children’s imaginations are running wild as their toy dinosaurs come to life.

Much like the now infamous Elf on the Shelf for December this is a way of inspiring a sense of awe and wonder in children as parents have fun igniting their imaginations with the terror caused by Triceratops, the mischief and mayhem caused by the Microraptor and the trail of destruction left by the Diplodocus.

So What Is Dinovember?

“We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out.” – Colin Mochrie

You can interpret Dinovember however you wish, make as much or as little of the notion as you like, the idea is to have some dinosaur themed fun.

Over at Edspire HQ we love dinosaurs and we are looking forward to a month packed with prehistoric play and jurassic japes. Not as intense as the original Dinovember but a dinosaur themed, fun-filled month all the same.

We will be getting messy with sensory dinosaur play, reading dinosaur books, watching dinosaur films, creating dinosaur crafts and losing ourselves in dinosaur small worlds.

You might like to try creating a dinosaur world…

dinosaur world
Jennie Edspire

Or a Swamp…

dinosaur swamp
Jennie Edspire

Or land…

Jenny Edspire
Jennie Edspire

…of your own?

Esther and William love dinosaurs and so this is a wonderful time of year for them. It also distracts them from the ‘C’ word that will be upon us all too soon.

If you want to join in with our ‘Terrible Lizard’ fun then please do make sure you are following the blog at

Throughout the month you will be able to see lots of prehistoric product reviews, some supersaurus book reviews and join in with some Megasaurus giveaways too.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the ROARsome dino products available from Cosatto.

Cosatto as always have managed to combine style and safety with children’s favourite things in their totally terrific C-Rex range.

Supa C-Rex Pushchair


Cosatto Supa - C-Rex
Cosatto Supa – C-Rex

The Supa is a great stroller suitable from birth with a four position recline. The design is striking and functional with lots of added extras making it a comfortable ride for baby and practical for parents. Packed with functional features the Supa truly is super and stunning in the quirky Cosatto C-Rex print.

Hootle C-Rex Car Seat

hootle c-rex lifestyle sq 2 AW14
Cosatto Hootle – C-Rex

The Hootle is a great car seat that starts rearward facing for a new or small baby but can also be turned forward facing once your little one gets to 9kg. The dino design is great fun and a safe, comfortable ride with chest pads, tummy pad and extra layers for all important support.

Zoomi C-Rex Car Seat

Cosatto Zoomi - C-Rex
Cosatto Zoomi – C-Rex

The Zoomi is an amazing car seat, perfectly prehistoric print and ultra modern technology combine in this dino design.

The Zoomi is a forward facing, high back booster seat that grows with your child.

Cosatto Zoomi - C-Rex
Cosatto Zoomi – C-Rex

William will be getting a C-Rex car seat for Christmas and instead of wrapping it I am going to fill it with dinosaur themed goodies for him.

Here are some of the things he might find on Christmas Day, in case you have a little dino fan too!

crex christmas

This photo includes – Best Years Knitted T-RexLights and Sounds Dinosaur TrainBrontosaurus Finger PuppetHappy Hopperz Daring DinosaurDinosaur Tshirt ,Wooden Dinosaur PuzzleDinosaur Pyjamas.

We would love to know what you get up to this Dinovember – share your photos with us across our social media channels, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

And remember, happy Dinovember!

Jenny Edspire
Jennie Edspire
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