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‘But I Wanted a Brother…’ Baby News Reactions

‘But I wanted a brother…’


You’re having a baby, how exciting! You’ve told your partner but now you need to tell the kids. We know what you are thinking; do we really have to? But yes, yes you do! It’s a secret that you cannot wait to share but are scared that they might not want to be a big brother or sister!

Whether you are breaking the news for the first time or are doing the big gender reveal, we’ve compiled our top 3 funniest sibling reactions…


“This is Exasperating…”

Why do you need another when you already have 2? This is the question on this little boy’s mind and he really cannot get his head round being a big brother.


1 out of 2 is good, right?

You hope both your children are happy to find out they are getting a little sister, but that was too much to ask.


When or if the times comes to tell your children you are expecting, good luck and whatever their reaction, remember it really is the best news EVER!

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