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Exercising throughout your pregnancy

Exercising throughout your pregnancy

You’re pregnant. Argh. Time to sit back and relax for 9 months. No.

Did you know, exercising throughout your pregnancy will make it easier for you to adapt to your changing weight and shape?

Did you know, exercising throughout your pregnancy will help you cope with labour and get back into shape after the birth?

Did you know, exercising whilst pregnant will improve your mood and help you sleep better at night?

Don’t overdo it and exhaust yourself, but just try one of these exercises for 30minutes a day, 4 times a week, and you’ll feel better for it. Go on, try it.


Brisk walking keeps you fit without jarring your knees and ankles and gives your heart a good workout – plus, it can be easily built into your daily routine. Walk to the shops instead of driving or do a few laps of the local park on your lunch hour.

You might look like a waddling penguin, but that’s okay.

Exercising like penguins waddling


Swimming is an all-round good body workout – it exercises your arms and legs and works your heart and lungs. You can also join aqua-natal or aqua-aerobic classes. Exercising in water is gentle on your joints, supports your bump and the bigger your bump gets, the more you’ll enjoy the weightless feeling when in water.

Don’t worry, not everyone looks like Beyonce when in the water!

Exercising but not looking like Beyonce

 Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates are a great alternative to aerobic exercise – yoga will help maintain muscle tone, flexibility and improve posture, whereas pilates will strengthen your tummy and pelvic floor muscles. Both of these are kind to your joints and will help you with breathing and relaxing when it comes to labour. Look out for specific pregnancy yoga and pilates classes too.

If cats can do it, you can do it…

exercising like cats doing yoga

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Your pelvic floor gives you control of when you empty your bladder and bowel and it also supports the womb. During pregnancy this can weaken. Avoid any leakage embarrassment by keeping your pelvic floor strong and exercising it every day – sit comfortably and simply squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles, holding for 10 seconds before relaxing. Repeat this 10 times and do 4 rounds a day.

You don’t want to be leaking a little bit of wee everytime you cough or sneeze…

So don’t be afraid – exercising is not dangerous for the baby and it’s totally beneficial to you.

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