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Storytime – Fairy Clouds.

Never a Dull Moment – The Fairy Clouds Story.

Clouds get a bad rap. People say they’re grumpy rain-filled misery bringers. These are the people that tut and put their black umbrellas up, scurrying away.  If only they knew that clouds are magical beings. If only they knew the power of rain. Every tot knows there’s a Sky Fairy that draws the clouds with her wand. Big happy clouds, in pinks, blues and glorious hues, bouncing and bumping off each other, causing raindrops to sprinkle magic down to earth. If you let raindrops land on you – and are truly glad about it, your wishes will come true.  This is why kids love dancing in the rain. Splashing in puddles.

Even on a so-called ‘dull day’, the happy clouds are bumping into each other and causing all sorts of magic music and sparks. It’s all thanks to the Sky Fairy. She wears a crown of stars and a dress of midnight velvet. Some say she lives in a cloud castle and that a shower of stars follows her everywhere. When she sings her happy song, pink clouds dance across the sky. She creates the weather. No baby is sad when the sun sets. Babies instinctively know that nighttime is the dreamtime – the time when the Sky Fairy and all her moonbeams get to work on making children’s dreams come true. They do this by reading the stars. Each star is really a child’s wish – sent up on wings while they dream. So at night when you see a blanket of stars there’s a lot of dreaming going on. Clouds are like factories sprinkling the rain that makes wishes come true for whoever understands how to get wet with utter style and gratitude. Weather whingers need not apply.

Clouds and rain should be celebrated. People who know this truth turn their wildly colourful brollies inside out to catch the precious raindrops now and then. Those who don’t – those who tut and put up their grumpy black brollies, they need a nudge to get the message that happiness and acceptance is important. They need to loosen up. The Sky Fairy sends a gust of wind to help and their black boring umbrellas blow inside out and catch the magic raindrops needed. Colour blasts back to their lives. They remember the magic of rain and clouds that they forgot as kids. They walk off with a spring in their step. Job done. Nothing makes the Sky Fairy happier than seeing a spinning rainbow of umbrellas on earth. This is why all babies need brollies, bright wellies and to catch the odd raindrop in their tiny outstretched hands. Life’s just better dancing in the rain

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