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A Family Weekend of Love

A Family Weekend of Love


February. The month of love. The days of romantic dinners may seem like a lifetime ago, but you can still celebrate Valentine’s day as a family. Here’s how…


Throw a Mini Party

With companies like Marks & Spencer having various offers on selected food, it’s a great excuse to stock up on treats. Get the kids involved with decoration making and put on your fave love songs.


Check out our friends over at Meri Meri for inspiration…

*Image copyright of Meri Meri


Take a Romantic Walk

Grab your wellies, the dog and your splash proof suits and head out for a long walk. You and your other half can enjoy some Valentine’s hand holding while the kids jump in muddy puddles. Bliss.

Splodges? Kidunk have got your kids covered…



Netflix and Giggle

Get your PJ’s on, open the wine, (or fruit juice for littl’uns) and cosy up with a family feel good film.  Belly laughs release endorphins, increase lovey dovey hormones and make you feel good.


Remember, the kids will eventually nod off, you and your S.O get time for a snuggle. Unless you nod off first.


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