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Four Superfoods To Boost Your Fertility

Four Superfoods To Boost Your Fertility

Are you planning on starting a family? Or maybe you’ve been trying for a baby for a while? Many factors can affect fertility including stress and diet, in fact Science-bods have found that in some cases tweaking your diet can significantly improve your chances of conceiving – so hey, don’t knock superfoods till you’ve tried them. We’ve pulled together 4 top fertility superfoods to up your fertility odds;

1. Avocado

 This trendy fave isn’t just good on toast. Avocados are packed with vitamin E which has been proven to make sperm more fertile whilst reducing any DNA defects in the sperm.

2. Egg yolk

 We’re not yolking, egg yolks have been described as natures multivitamin for fertility. Packed with goodness including choline that helps to protect neural tube defects this superfood is one to get crackin’ with.

   3. Watermelon

 Eating a juicy watermelon can increase your chances of conceiving a little seed. Watermelon contains lycopene a substance that is essential in enhancing fertility and fixing sluggish sperm (yes we did just write that in a blog post) So what you waiting for? chop up the melon after dinner or blend it into your daily smoothie mmm.

 4. Carrots

 Carrots have a pretty good rep for helping children see in the dark but did you know these orange veggies also have been linked to helping men in the bedroom with sperm performance? In fact, eating your carrots can boost sperm quantity and quality by up to eight percent. Woah!

 So what are you waiting for sup up those superfoods and… well… enjoy trying.

 Check out our Superfoods pattern here.

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