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Pom Pom Tree Giggle – The Inspiration Behind The Design

To coincide with the launch of our NEW and exclusive Mothercare Pom Pom Tree Giggle we thought we’d share with you how this new sophisticated design came to light.


‘We wanted to create something with sophisticated softness mixed with Cosatto’s playfulness. The muted palette of grey tones bursts with a happy pop of yellow while the texture in the grey reflects the simplicity of this sustainable design era.’ Stephen Shaw Senior Designer


Following on from the design brief of  ‘soft but playful’ a story was then born… a story that would inspire a new trend, a new pattern and a new icon, Giggle Pom Pom Tree .


The Humble Pom Pom Story

‘”Not everyone knows this. All pom poms grow on trees. People think the humble pom pom is manmade. It ain’t. There are swaying orchards of pom pom trees in idyllic places around the globe. Only babies and wild animals know the secret and they ain’t telling.

All pom poms are yellow on the inside. That’s because yellow is the happiest colour there is. And that’s just it. Pom poms are happy little souls. They teach you that you carry a bright happy glow inside no matter what.”


So if you want a little bit of happy in your life head over to our website and check out Giggle 2 in Pom Pom Tree. It will make you glow with joy.

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