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Grandparent Bucket List

Doing fun stuff with the grandparents means great memories that last forever. If you’re lucky, once lockdown ends, you can drop the kids off with Nana and Grandad or their honorary gramps. Get planning that reunion bucket list now. Make a list of fun activities they’ll love. It’s about bonding for them, making up for lost time and feet up for you. Win win. Get your littl’uns to write or draw an activity. Pop ‘em all in a bucket and grandparents can pick them out for a random surprise. Check out these examples…


  • Nature Trail. Nature heals. Get creative with that simple walk. Kids can pick their fave route and take Nana and Pops on a trail. Make it a treasure trail. Stir-crazy littl’uns and Grands will love it.


  • Flower Pressing. Collect some treasures on the walk such as flowers or leaves and have a crafty afternoon flower pressing.


  • Cooking or Baking. Who better to teach little’uns to cook than Grandma? Together they can create their own recipe book filled with Grandma’s favourites. You get to eat nice stuff. Ace.


  • Have Grandad teach the kids how to grow fruit and flowers in the garden. Start their sustainability journey. Treat them to their own kids’ gardening tools and they’re on their way.


  • Skill Swaps. They can teach each other a hobby. Nana can teach the kids to knit. Gramps can teach them to fish. Littl’uns can get them tech-savvy. TikTok dances are comedy gold.


  • Movie Night. Lockdown movie nights have been about garden sheets, projectors, cushions, blankets and snacks. Grandma’s garden can be a pop-up cinema. Cosy with cakes on hand.


  • As you tick off your bucket list, make a scrapbook of memories. Photos, recipes, pressed flowers, movie posters of what they watched. The littl’uns can treasure it forever.


Let us know in the comments if you’ve started a bucket list already, or what else you would add. We’d love more ideas to add to our list.

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