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Gross Things You Do Now You’re A Parent

Gross Things You Do Now You’re A Parent…

So Rochelle Hume has divided fans after admitting she sucked snot out of her daughter’s nose whilst it was blocked. Read the full story here.

I must admit, I did this for all of my 3 when they were newborn….yes, I was told by my close friends it was disgusting, but what you do for love eh?

So we had a think of a few other gross things we have done now that we’re parents. Here are some of the loving things we’ve had to deal with:

1 –

Have you ever had to use your hands to scoop the poop from the bath? Damn chasing those things round the bath!


My 2 year old had decided she needed a poo as we were getting on the motorway. It was only meant to be a 10 minute journey home, but stopped in motorway traffic meant I had to sit with the vision and stench of a poo staring at me from the passenger seat for half an hour.

3 –

Squirting milk from your nipples into baby’s eye to help with conjunctivitis, aim and fire…


Having your husband massage your boob whilst you have mastitis as your ducts are blocked…..a truly glamorous situ!

5 –

This is true love – using Vaseline to grease up a bum hole that has a poo half in half out! Good old Vaseline makes the route easier. Who thought pulling poos out of a human would be on your to-do list?

6 –

Holding your little boy over a steaming hot bath whilst he was constipated and in pain… then having to go full force and pull the poo out. At least it wasn’t this….


There seems to be a common theme across all of these…. 💩 💩 💩

What have you found yourselves doing on this wonderful eye-opening journey of parenthood?


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