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Help Your Space Cadet Shoot for the Moon.

Help Your Space Cadet Shoot for the Moon

Aside from ‘YouTuber’ (sigh), astronaut is up there with dream jobs kids want to do when they grow up. How do you help your star child achieve this dream without blowing their mind?  Here are 4 baby steps…


  • Read

With so many good space themed children’s books out there, it’s never too early to start exploring the dream. Mousetronaut, Suzy Orbit and Goodnight Spaceman are just a few for a bedtime blast off.


  • Find their People

Encourage your little dot to learn more about the subject they’re interested in with an intergalactic group. Otherwise known as school or out-of-school club. There are lots, with space a biggie.


  • Star Gaze

Investing in a telescope for your little one to star gaze is a wondrous pre-bedtime activity for you both to do together. You’re focussing on their interests and bonding beneath the universe. Win win.


  • Nurture the Dream

Astronaut is not the most common job description on a CV. However, dreams can turn to dust  with too much gravity. Sprinkle magic space dust instead by avoiding negative or ‘realistic’ talk about the biggest of all dreams. You have to believe to achieve. It’s doable! Neil Armstrong was a 5 year old with a dream once.

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