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Help! How Do I Get My Baby to Sleep?

It’s nighttime and you’re exhausted wouldn’t it be nice to get a full nights sleep tonight? Here’s some handy hints to help you settle your baby to sleep… and stay asleep throughout the night.


 Differentiate between day and night

One top tip is to let lots of natural light into your house during the day, think curtains open and lots of fresh air. It’s important to try and make feeding during the day more social and lively you can do this by either letting a family member give your little dot their bottle or If you are breastfeeding, play music or sing to your little one during the day. Night feeds should follow a more cosy vibe to create a sleepy mood including softer dim lighting and be much quieter than the day time feeds. You could even experiment with certain scents and sounds to help your baby fully relax into a sleepy state.

Wait before you go to your baby.

Just because your little dot has fallen into the land of Zzz’s it doesn’t mean they’ll stay there – and you know this all too well. One tip to help them stay settled is to give them a little time to settle back down before jumping to their attention every time you hear a squeak on the baby monitor. One great tip is to turn down the sensitivity slightly so you can still hear when your baby is distressed without hearing every quiet gurgle.



Start the evening with a bath

A bath before bed can really help relax your little one and is also a great pre sleep bonding time between the both of you. There are now baby friendly massage oils perfect for a post bath pre bed massage for your little sleeper too.



Have patience

Just because your baby hasn’t slept throughout the night it doesn’t mean it will never happen. Some babies take a little longer to settle into a routine than others, so have patience and be prepared to lose a few hours of Zzz’s at first. Repeat after me ‘This is not forever’



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  • I can confirm most of this is great advice but Jnr still won’t sleep through.

    I’m able to put him to sleep in just over 10 mins which is faster than my better half due to him knowing he can get milk with her *chuckles*

    10 mins rocking with ewan the dream sheep harping in the background, bish bash bosh, then put him in his cot and restart the dream sheep, he’s a godsend 🙂

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