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Isolation Inspiration? Get creative…

Need iso inspo? Lighten the lockdown with these cute creative things you can do with the littl’uns.

Working from home… You’re in the zone, kids are in land of make-believe. All is calm. Then bam! Someone gets stir crazy. Banish boredom with our current fave absorbing activities to fire their imaginations…


  1. Supervised Scented Sensory Painting

Grab the non-toxic kids’ paints for an oldie but goodie with a smelly twist. More than just a colour blast, this finger painting is magic. Our sense of smell is so powerful it can transport us beyond our four walls. Your child can explore the texture of the paint on paper with a diddy brush. Great for developing fine motor skills like muscle control. The colours enhance their visual skills and happiness. Why stop there?

Adding food flavouring or spices to each colour really engages the sense of smell. Try matching the spice to the colour, such as vanilla essence to white paint or ginger to orange. It’s a fun guessing game.

Make sure there’s no tasting though, this is for smell purposes only.


  1. Colouring Competitions

Guess what. Your child’s amygdala loves a bit of colouring in. Calming and centering, colouring in has the power to ease the fear centre of the brain, inducing a meditative, mindful state. This creative activity can keep littl’uns calm and focussed during stressful times.

Colouring competitions are a great way to encourage turn taking and consideration. Each day you can choose the ‘best’ colouring and the winner gets to choose the family movie that night. That’s one less debate each day.

Cosatto’s designer Stephen has put together a medley of our famous storytelling designs. Your child’s fave patterns can be brought to life and displayed proudly at home. Celebrate their own custom piece of Cosatto design.

Download them here > cosatto colour in page_lr


  1. Wondrous Windows

Right now a nation of kiddiwinks are adorning their windows with happy rainbows, boosting morale in these strange times. Our photographer Lottie and her girls got creative with POSCA pens. Bright, beautiful colours that wash off windows with water. Check out the beautiful shadows cast on the wall at sunrise.

Show us your creative inspo. Share your stuff on insta @cosatto.

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