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Keeping the ‘Spark’ after having a baby

Keeping the ‘Spark’ after having a baby


Ah, young love; snuggling together, gazing into one another’s eyes.  Remember that feeling? Like most new parents, the love and affection you directed towards your partner is now solely focused on your new bundle of joy.

But beyond all the baby cuddles and sheer exhaustion of looking after a new born, there is your partner feeling slightly neglected. They were once your one and only and they really do need more attention than researching recipes for pureed squash together!

So, we’ve asked the professionals (other parent’s) and compiled the top 5 tips to keeping the spark alive after having a baby. Don’t worry, they don’t all involve sexy underwear and a saucy weekend away.


Tip 1: Make each other laugh

Why so serious? Try to make each other laugh like you did before. Act daft, play the fool. Laugher makes everything better and will remind you what it was like when you first fell in love.


Tip 2: A little kiss

A kiss before you leave for work or a quick hug when you are waiting for the kettle to boil goes a long way. It may sometimes feel forced or a bit like a chore but the other will appreciate the effort.


Tip 3: Planning, planning and more planning

Get a date in the diary, arrange a baby sitter or recruit the grandparents and get yourselves out the house (or a night in perhaps!) Whether it’s a date night or a weekend away, put some you time in the diary and stick to it. Child-free times are a must!


Tip 4: It’s the small things

Forget large, over the top romantic gestures, it’s the simple things that matter the most; holding hands whilst walking down the street, sharing a dessert when out for dinner and perhaps a little bum grab as you wander past (cheeky!)


Tip 5: “Wow you look nice!”

These are the words everyone wants to hear so make sure you say them. Give your better half a compliment at least once a day. It doesn’t always have to be about how nice they smell or look, it maybe that they have made a delicious Spag Bol for dinner…food is the way to the heart after all.


Don’t panic! You don’t need to do all 5 tips at once. Just try 1 or 2 and let the ‘spark’ reignite (Que Take That – Relight my Fire!)

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