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How to survive the toddler years.

Keeping Your Cool – The Toddler Years

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday you were enjoying those newborn cuddles. The newborn cuddles that turned into coo-ing, coo-ing that turned into crawling that turned into pointing, asking, demanding, yelling and drawing on your brand new wallpaper with a red felt tip pen. Welcome to ‘The Toddler Years’

Along with the theory of ‘terrible twos’ comes the absolute joy and wonder of seeing your bundle of joy grow with abundance of personality and attitude. But as much as we cherish these moments… parenting can be a tough gig. Here’s our top 5 points to remember to get you through the toddler years.


1.Mess can be cleaned up

Play dough, finger painting, lego blocks, sick… it can all be cleaned up. Why not stick the ‘Tidy up song’ on and get the kids joining in too. Repeat ‘Time, to tidy up, tidy up tidy up’


2. A parent pal can keep you sane

Whether its for days out with the kids or frantic whatsapp messaging when things are not going to plan. A friend in the same boat is always one to keep hold of.

3. Endure the weird eating habits

How can children find food boring? Mind = blown. If your little munchkin is doing anything to avoid munching, why not make meal times fun using shapes and color (children love a face made out of food) if all fails – don’t sweat it your child won’t go hungry after one missed meal.

4. If in doubt – get outdoors

Fresh air, short walks, maybe even the odd tree hug. The great outdoors is great for releasing those feel good endorphins that will make you feel great and help your little one’s release any pent up energy whilst learning about nature. It’s a win-win.

5. Live for right now!

For every difficult day, there’s a whole heap of giggles, playing and toddler cuddles. Remember how fast the last two years have flown? Grab your little cheeky monkey, give them a kiss and cherish these moments before they hit those pre-teenage years and are like wayyyy too cool for that mum.

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