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Life of a dad: Half Term Barge Life (Part 2)

Half term madness: General Barge Life.

(Before we begin – read how dad Mark ended up on a barge over half term….)

Are we nearly there yet is bad enough in a car…….are we nearly there yet on a barge travelling at 5 mph is infinitely worse. It appears the only place the kids wanted to be was not on the barge.

Living on a barge for a week is like camping. With less room.

On a barge everyone can hear you scream. And everyone heard Edie scream.

In an ironic twist it seems that as soon as the kids were off the barge the first thing they wanted to do was get wet.

Of course happy kids soon turns into cold unhappy kids when they have to come out. Standard.

Sometimes, when all else fails and parental control has been abandoned you’re forced into Draconian measures and intervention by law enforcement.


Coming Up…..

Join me and the crazy gang for the next instalment of Half Term Madness. Highlights include a trip into London, the joys of public transport and toilet emergencies.

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