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Little Smiles and Silver Linings

Pregnancy and Birth in Lockdown

Pregnancy and birth – a magical time. A whirlwind of gifts, visits and family cuddles. That was in the old world. What about in lockdown? Anxiety and excitement can feel heightened by the uncertainty. We wanted to remind you of the silver linings and sheer joy. Untouched by outside circumstances and distractions, there are real positives to new parenthood in lockdown. We spoke to a few honest mums about their little lockdown pride and joy…


Cosatto’s Millie, first-time mum, gave birth to beautiful baby Bonnie on Easter Sunday. We love Bonnie, the little bunny. Check out Millie’s experience so far…


‘’Whilst having my first child in lockdown has been challenging, it has also highlighted lots of unexpected positives. Being told your partner can’t be with you in hospital (until delivery) was really difficult to hear. There were a few tears at the hospital doors. However, once I was on the maternity ward, I actually couldn’t have imagined my partner being there. I ended up having some really nice chats with other mums-to-be on the ward who were all in the same position as me. I also got some much-needed rest before the birth. That would have been unlikely if my partner had been sat uncomfortably in the chair next to me.

After joining me for a long and tough birth he had to leave me and our daughter less than 30 mins after her entering the world. This was very difficult but gave me and Bonnie real quality time to bond. Through the sickness and exhaustion, I found the strength from somewhere to look after my baby alone during the next 24 hours which I’m really proud of.

Once we got home, the three of us quickly got into our own little routine. Having no visits from family and friends and only limited visits from midwives and health visitors, has given me time to build my confidence with breast feeding my baby. It’s also taught me to trust my own intuition. The health visitor said they have seen more babies thriving during lockdown. She said more babies are exceeding their birthweight sooner due to less visitors meaning uninterrupted feeding. I found that really interesting.

Bonnie may have missed out on some cuddles but thanks to Facetime and the internet we’ve been inundated with the most beautiful messages, cards, flowers and gifts that we can keep forever’’.


“The health visitor said…more babies are exceeding their birthweight sooner thanks to uninterrupted feeding due to less visitors.”  – Cosatto Millie, mum to Bonnie.


Anna is Mum to three little cuties, the most recent being Suki who was born near the beginning of lockdown. Discover her lockdown positivity vibes…



“We will definitely look back on this time in years to come and be thankful we got to slow down…” – Anna, Mum of Three.


‘’Suki is my third baby, so I’ve already enjoyed two lovely sets of nine months maternity leave with Heccy and Kitty. However, being pregnant with Suki and having two other little ones didn’t give me any time to stop. I worked up until a few days before my due date and had been a little apprehensive about mat leave this time. I was worrying about juggling childcare (grandparents) around James’ work and my work. I had jobs booked in for four weeks after birth this time. Being freelance I really didn’t want to lose any clients, so couldn’t afford to take a long mat leave career-wise as work wouldn’t wait around for me.

Lockdown has been weirdly amazing for us. It’s given me all the time in the world to settle into family life as a five. We’ve enjoyed slow days and getting to know Suki. No rushing to get everyone up, out and dressed for the school run has been the best. We’ve had sleepy newborn cuddles all day and lots of films in bed with pyjamas. Suki’s had some lovely end-of -drive visits from family, that have kept us going for now. We will definitely look back on this time in years to come and be thankful we got to slow down, switch off and watch Suki and the gang grow’’.

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Key worker Katie is mum to Nylah and expecting her second baby. She’s busy with work and bonding at home. She shares her silver linings…

“Pregnancy during lockdown has been a completely different experience from my first pregnancy. I can’t browse around the shops picking out all the cute baby outfits, dad’s not been able to come to any of our hospital appointments including scans. Hospitals are like a ghost town – temperatures being tested before you can enter the building. Being a key worker during this time also makes me extra tired, changing my shift patterns to accommodate the current situation. However, we are doing all this to keep ourselves and others safe. There is a silver lining – midwife and hospital staff have been extra attentive, taking the panic away, I have saved a fortune by not buying thousands of newborn outfits my baby isn’t going to get wear out of. Most importantly I have got to spend extra time with my family and learnt to appreciate them so much more”.

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“Midwife and hospital staff have been extra attentive, taking the panic away…” – Katie, Key Worker


Meet mum-to-be Connie. Any day now she’ll have two under two. She’s learnt lots from lockdown. Check out her inspirational mindset as she ushers in baby number two…


“Being pregnant with your second child, with a toddler in tow, in your third trimester, during a pandemic in lockdown – it isn’t how I’d envisioned my last pregnancy. It’s been at times very scary and made me super anxious about the future – short term about my health and giving birth and long term about how it may affect my baby’s health, well-being and future.

However, every storm truly does have a rainbow. I have learnt already in lockdown we don’t need a lot to be happy. Family moments aren’t governed by where you can go every weekend and how you can spend money. I’ve also learnt that my toddler doesn’t need to be constantly entertained by someone or something. Watching Isla safely explore our home and garden and seeing her learn from that, has been really eye-opening and wonderful. I think because of this, my life with two under two will be a lot easier. I realise I am now enough, without exhausting myself. You can’t pour from an empty cup’’. ❤️🌈

“I have learnt already in lockdown we don’t need a lot to be happy.” – Connie, soon to have two under two.


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Having a baby is truly magical. We’re sharing that joy right now. Remember, it’s completely normal to feel a little nervous, especially for first time mums. We’ve teamed up with Baby Lifeline, sharing their COVID-19 advice hub with you. There’s advice for pregnancy, birth and post-birth, to help you feel calm and excited about your new baby adventure. Get the lockdown lowdown:



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