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Storytime – Llamarama

Do the Llamarama – The Llamarama Story.


Meet Lorenzo. He’s the campest llama in Guatemala. He dances. And when he dances the world sings. Babies cheer. His hooves are on fire. He’s got the quirkiest quickstep this side of Peru and he’ll challenge you to a dramatic dance-off before you can say “ay caramba”.

It wasn’t always that way. When he was born he was so tiny he got mistaken for an Alpaca. He was sent to live with the macho Alpacas of the Andes. It didn’t suit him. There was no music, no fun. When he’d skip happily they’d laugh and spit on his dainty hooves saying, ‘Alpacas don’t dance. Alpacas are gangsta not ballroom.’ The called him the ‘nerd of the herd’. Poor Lorenzo quelled his quirky and dulled-down to fit in.

One day he’d had enough. He packed his poncho and flounced off to find his place in the world. Over hot hill and dry plain he searched and searched. On the terraces of Maccu Picchu he sat down and wept. “I’ll never find a place to dance,” he sobbed.

Then he heard something. Over the cicadas and the crickets, the sound of giggling children and strains of wild music floated by him on the breeze. He stood and listened and cocked his cute llama ears. The sound of Cuban salsa, Argentinian foxtrot, the sound of happy. He followed it to a nearby valley, peered round a mountain and nearly spat out his llama teeth. A field full of dancing llamas with a happy crowd cheering them on. He’d come home! He sashayed over and drew a line on the ground stomping his hooves. He got the moves. They hugged him into their fold. He spent all night waltzing with them to the heady sound of pan pipes over crazy beats and a crowd yelling for more.

Everything changed from that day on. Word spread of Lorenzo’s moves. The world cast aside Strictly. The judges saw him pull shapes and ripped up their scorecards. He formed a dance troupe with his beloved dancing llamas. There’s even a dance called the llamarama.

This is the new era of dance and Lorenzo’s owning it. He’s given a whole generation of kids and llamas permission to hotfoot it on the dancefloor, to be themselves. Even the macho alpacas have got in touch with their llama side. They never spat on his hooves again.

By day, Lorenzo’s happy eating grass and chatting wool with his beloved troupe. At dusk, out comes his true sass and flair, he’s the Ginger Rodgers to their Fred Astaire.


Catch him on tour with his troupe in Llama of the Dance, pirouetting round Peru. 


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