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Meet the Team – Vicky Creative Director

Meet the Cosatto Team

Always wondered who the creative brains were behind the Cosatto patterns? We sat down with each of Cosatto creative team to pick their brains on the latest trends, what inspires them so much more.


Name, Job role & years served at Cosatto

 Vicky Morley, Creative & Marketing Director – I have been here 15 years which I always remember as Andrew bought the company I worked for when my youngest daughter Polly was a few weeks old.


What does a good working day look like for you?

My ideal working day is researching trends, looking at Pinterest and magazines or shops then working through the ideas with the product designers. I love to see how a trend can be translated into something that is “on-brand” for Cosatto – very exciting!


What drives/motivates you?

I love to see the teams work come to fruition – an idea is only worthwhile once its implemented! I like to feel my team is happy and inspired. Without this we wouldn’t have got where we are today. It’s not always easy but even when times are stressful I try to check in, say thank you and be sure the team are doing ok.


Any parenting advice?

Don’t ever try to be perfect (there’s no such thing) just do your best. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – don’t suffer in silence. The last one is a cliché… always try to make time to play with your kids and spend quality time with your partner – time flys and they will be off to university in the blink of an eye -really!

What makes Cosatto the brand for parents?

We think of everything and work tirelessly to bring out well designed products that make your life easier and look beautiful as well. Nobody does what we do…adding colour flair and excitement to everyday functional products. Babies and kids actually WANT to be in our products and toddlers CHOOSE our stuff so if you want your baby to be content -choose Cosatto.


Fave Cosatto pattern/product?

My favorite pattern at the moment is Mister Fox or Into the Wild -I like the fact they are quirky and have  a story element but the illustration style and colours are clean and bold.


Who inspires you, dead or alive?

So many people…I love Paul Smith for his endless passion and enthusiasm for good design and his child-like approach. Grace Coddington -american Vogue creative director -she worked in a creative role at Vogue for nearly 50 years and was just as unique and inspiring at the end of her career -awesome! I also love Russel Brand for his boundless thirst for knowledge and energy.

Whats your most creative time of day?

I am most creative mid-morning after my morning rituals. Unfortunately this time is often taken up with meetings.


Whats ‘Hot’ at the moment? 

I would say mindful parenting, eco-friendly solutions/things lasting longer, natural inspired colour palettes -this doesn’t have to mean dull it could be spice inspired saffron, turmeric, cumin type colours! The natural world, animals and trees etc as design icons – as the world begin to turn their attention firmly on what is slipping away we want to celebrate it!


Whats ‘Not’?

BREXIT! Ignorance and divisive, siloed separatist thinking. We need more love, collaboration and tolerance – things have come so far but there is still a long way to go.


  Favorite brand?

Gosh there’s so many! If I go small it would probably have to be Wild Things Funky little dresses -I wish she would make stuff for grown ups. For a bigger, more well known brand I would probably go for Boden -they were pioneers.


 Words or Pictures?

Am I allowed both? I love pretty picture but I love the immersive transportational quality of well written words.


Team player or go it solo?

Team player all the way. I do like my own space to though.


If you could fly anywhere in the world for inspo where would it be and why?

I would fly to Helsinki -I love the Moomins and Marrimekko and figure there must be more gorgeous stuff in the country that created those. I have always wanted to go to Canada too 😊

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