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Meet The Team – Emma

Meet The Team  – Emma

Our PR whirlwind and resident goddess, this mum of three brings a crazy sense of humour to proceedings. She loves Cosatto, she’s on a mission, so listen up.

Name, Job role & years served at Cosatto

Emma, PR Manager. 14 years served.


What does a good working day look like for you?

Liaising with lovely Mummy Influencers who are wanting to join us in the mission of saving the world from boring baby stuff


What drives/motivates you?

Happy mummies and daddies, and happy babies


Fave Cosatto pattern/product?

Wow Anarchy designed by Paloma Faith … literally makes my heart race, and I always say you should only do things that make your heart race!


Any parenting advice?

Go with the flow and let go of any expectation (and always have wipes for sh*t explosions over baby and over you)


What makes Cosatto the brand for parents?

The designs, print and bright colours are exactly what babies need to start their happy little lives on this planet


Who inspires you, dead or alive?

Princess Diana… the epitome of beauty and compassion, and fought for kindness and truth no matter what the consequences.

Do you prefer a messy working environment or tidy working environment?

Bit of both at different times…I feel more creative if a bit messy


How do you de-stress?

Meditation, bike rides, energy healing


Whats ‘Hot’ at the moment?




Favorite social media platform?




 Last photo you took?

Me and my 3 monkeys watching a film



If you could fly anywhere in the world for inspo where would it be and why?

Sri Lanka ….the architecture, and I could get to the Maldives quickly if I needed to get away from chaos

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