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Meet The Team – Lottie Photographer

Meet the Cosatto Team

Always wondered who the creative brains were behind the Cosatto patterns? We sat down with each of Cosatto creative team to pick their brains on the latest trends, what inspires them so much more.

Name, Job role & years served at Cosatto

Lottie Perry, In-house Photographer, I’ve worked here for 7 years

What does a good working day look like for you?

Has to start with a coffee, music on and taking photos in the studio (with a bit of a dance in there somewhere) and a few belly chuckles with the team 😊


Fave Cosatto pattern/product?

Loved Moonwood from back in the day and more recently fallen in love with Noodle 0+ in Mr Fox.

Any parenting advice?

Wing it and when it’s been tough just remember to hug each other…hugs are the best cure all 😉


 What makes Cosatto the brand for parents?

They just are, fact…Every time I put a model in a pram they instantly start looking at the pattern, smiling and talking to the characters…who doesn’t want a happy baby


Whats your most creative time of day?

Early morning…bit of an early bird


Who inspires you, dead or alive?

Very current but feeling incredibly inspired and moved by Greta Thunberg and her army!



Do you prefer a messy working environment or tidy working environment?

Bit of both, it’s hard to be creative and not create mess…just as long as it gets tidied away afterwards, then I’m happy 😉


Favorite social media platform?

Instagram without a doubt


Words or Pictures?

Always pictures


How do you get yourself out of a funk?

Talk about it….hug it out and a bit of selfcare!


Last photo you took?

Sarah’s the designers hand and mood boards


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