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Mindfulness for Kids

Yes it’s a thing and it’s helping families out there right now with isolation wobbles. Kids climbing the walls? Missing their pals? Wanting to go ‘out’ out? Mindfulness is surprisingly simple. Check it out…


So you’re doing your bit. Staying home. Being cooped up with interrupted routines can take its toll. Taking time to focus on ‘the now’ helps. Bring calm to kids of all ages with this method of accepting the present moment. It can boost your happiness too. Reducing anxiety and stress. Win win.


Mindfulness may sound ‘woo woo’ but with all this extra time together as a family it’s the perfect time to embrace the new and see how much better you feel. It’s doable! Explore apps and websites such as Headspace, which specialise in mindfulness and have recently relaunched courses including how to talk to kids about stress and anxiety. The app has plenty of meditation exercises from beginners to experts, kids to adults. Give the kids an hour’s screen time a day while you work from home – learning mindfulness with guided exercises and videos. You could incorporate it into their home-school timetable.


Mindfulness is not just meditation. Kaia Roman at Mind Body Green conducted her own mindfulness class and learned a lot from the kids. Check out her 7 fun activities to teach mindfulness to littl’uns…


Visit the Cosatto Corona Support Group on Facebook. It’s your space to share, chat and get support. We’d love you to bring your mindfulness tips. We’re all in this together so let’s learn from eachother. Stay safe and stay happy.

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