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More than just a Doodle

The blank page is the brain’s playing field. Plant a doodle and you’re growing ideas. Who knows where those creative pathways will lead? Grab a pen and get freestyling now…


Doodles Built Cosatto

Cosatto is one big happy doodle. When Vicky our Creative Director was a kid she’d draw ‘Bored Watching TV Patterns’. They were noticed. That’s how it all began. A spark of childhood inspiration grew into the famous storytelling patterns that kids love.


“It’s not until I doodle that I think about how everything comes together.”

– Vicky Morley, Cosatto Creative Director


From Paper to Pram

Yep. Cosatto’s famous storytelling patterns all still start as doodles. Here’s a stash we’ve swiped from the folder of our designer Sarah. They’re her most recent ones. You’re first to see an exclusive. Watch out for prints featuring these cuties. Coming to a pram near you.

You saw them here first. Indeedy doodly!


Creative Cure-All

Ever since caveman times, drawing has been a creative outlet, proven to boost relaxation, contentment and problem-solving skills. It’s a great way to discover answers you couldn’t consciously reach. Anywhere, anytime, put pen to paper or use a doodling app – you moderns. It’s the ultimate mindful activity. Invite inspo in.

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