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Paloma Faith and Cosatto. The wildest prams and pushchairs.

What happens when you mix chart-topping fashion icon Paloma Faith with award-winning maverick nursery brand Cosatto? A collaboration that delivers the wildest prams and pushchairs the world has ever seen.

Never afraid to be herself and stand out from the crowd, Paloma felt adrift in a world of prams and pushchairs that did not suit her personality.

Paloma Faith Working on Designs

“I felt like I had to become someone else to be a good mother. I wanted to show my child it’s ok to stand out from the crowd and have a joie de vivre about all things.” – Paloma Faith

Then she met Cosatto, the brand on a mission to save the world from boring baby stuff. The rest is history.

Paloma Faith has a natural flair for spotting trends and an uncanny sense for what is at once extraordinary, outlandish and irresistibly appealing.

Born from this were two wild designs; a striking leopard print pram, and an unflinchingly bold statement piece appropriately titled Hear us Roar.

Paloma Faith with Anarchy in the Nursery Product  Paloma Faith Quote  Paloma Faith with Hear us Roar Product

Then, Anarchy in the Nursery, the wildest Wow Pram and Pushchair yet. Fiercely untouchable. Ridiculously desirable. Unflinchingly ornamental. The rarest beast. This design is full-on maximalist and full-on Paloma.

Find out the full, unbridled and wild story from Paloma Faith and Cosatto now.

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