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Paloma’s Faith in the New World

The new Paloma Faith x Cosatto “One World” pram is a real step in raising awareness of climate change. The fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles and the design message is an eco one. We catch up with Paloma to discover her passion for fashion with a heart and soul…


Hi Paloma. What was your thinking behind the new “One World” design?


“It’s a flag, flying. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and my message in my clothes, literally like slogans or style references. It’s a visual thing. I loved creating something fun but also a reflection of things that really matter to me. The first two prams were such a blast and the success of them showed me there’s a hunger out there for something different. They were very much about empowering mothers to be who they are, no matter what. With this pram it’s about continuing the personal revolution but also pushing the message about the planet. The personal can be political. It’s the power of the pram, when you’re pushing something you love that reflects stuff you love. I knew it was another opportunity to focus on something I believe in. This time nature and the planet. Whether it’s fashion, design, clothes or prams, it’s all a channel for change no matter how small. Like a platform for expression and I’m really lucky to be able to create something and put it out there. The fact it’s made of plastic bottles really drives home that message.”



As a mum, how do environmental issues resonate with you?


“This current lockdown situation puts everything in perspective. The things that matter, really matter. We’ve got to have that ‘conservation conversation’ and if this gorgeous pram starts just one conversation about climate change then it’s had an effect. A butterfly effect. What’s going on now really highlights our priorities. No matter what, we’re all in the same boat. We are just guests on this beautiful planet. We’ve got to show it some love. We’ve got to leave it better than we found it. I owe it to my child, all our kids. We’re like caretakers. Looking after home while we’re here, then passing it on. We’re warriors too. I say that because it is a fight, we’re fighting a whole existing way of life and mindset. If ever there was a time to put things right. It’s now. Even the smallest changes in your own life can have big effects. The little things can be the biggest things. I feel like I’m taking baby steps sometimes but take one step towards mother earth, she takes ten towards you. Being a mother has really made me feel closer to mother earth. Love her and she loves you back. It’s so important that after this lockdown we all reflect on our behaviour and do our bit to change things.”



What about the pattern? What’s the design inspiration?


“It was really important to me to show that you can combine something creative with eco awareness and kindness. The fabric on the pram is made of recycled plastic bottles, along with the wild design and the messages, it’s a push in the right direction. The visual language of the cute creatures really appeals to my child. I wanted a design that looked great but also enriched their bond to animals and the planet, pre-reading. It’s like starting them early in the right mindset. And hopefully will provoke questions from your child that spark a curiosity about their role in helping the world.

It’s so close to my heart. I look at my child and feel if I only do one thing today, it must be something positive, to turn things around. No matter how small. We’re moving into a new world, it feels like we’re making a pact to carry this through.”


“As a six-year-old, I wanted to “save the animals” — to be a vet that worked with Greenpeace and stuff.” – Paloma Faith, Financial Times.


“We still need prams but the age of mindless conspicuous consumption is over. So much thought has gone into this pram and so much craftsmanship. To choose something that is so considered and has meaning is a small step in the right direction. It’s about mixing old and new. Fashion designers have been pushing this angle for a while and it sounds counter-intuitive but considered purchasing of stuff that’s quality, that you really love, does change the system, bit by bit, it changes manufacturing trends, people want different things. Small companies, not corporations, a more artisan feel is emerging. Recycling and upcycling and pondered purchasing, it’s already there and happening.”


“Climate change is real. It’s scary. We all are part of this beautiful system that’s there to sustain our lives. If we mess it up we harm every living creature.” – Paloma Faith.


“Something that we can do is raise awareness. To all those who see the design out there. And it’s a gorgeous design. That it triggers a spark in someone to do something today then great. And I wanted something that would spread the word. With actual slogans. Awareness of nature is becoming second nature. The younger generation even now are more tuned in to the earth. They’re getting politicised. They’re angry. Stating your intention’s a really powerful thing. Declare your intention with recycled fabric declaring “Save our seas”, “Plant more trees”, “We are the future”. It amplifies the message that’s already out there. From ditching plastic straws, to recycling clothes it all helps. I’m human, I do what I can do. We’re still going to need prams, let’s try to offset things a bit starting now. To do less harm. I feel like it’s time to take stock right now. To get back to nature and to listen to our instincts. They are there for a reason.”



Shop Paloma’s ‘One World’ collection here.

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