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Patterned Hoods, a New Sense-Sation

Patterned Hoods, a New Sense – Sation

Did you know that all our hoods are patterned inside to promote cognitive function for your little ones? In fact a Cosatto hood lining is a secret story world for a baby. Enchanted and mesmerized, their sensory development is enhanced and accelerated.

Don’t believe the hype? Here’s what our customers have to say?

“Oooo flowers”, the patterned hood is the only thing which seems to settle her lately, thank you Cosatto’ Sheila Goodearl

‘Little did we know when we picked out the bright Pixelate pattern at 20 weeks how important it would be! Our daughter Myla was born profoundly deaf, diagnosed at 6 weeks. Her Cosatto has been there through it all, from her first hearing aid, the doctors appointments, hospital consultations, surgery and her first hearing moments! We love Cosatto so much and the bright print really encourages the visual development which has been so important in enabling us to communicate with our daughter’ Josie Ashwood

‘My son loves his pram so much. He’s 10 weeks old now and can focus on the pictures inside the hood’ Jade Storey

Trust us. Every impression matters. Every chance to inspire your little dots, to create a vibrant memory. Science says babies grow more neurons when stimulated visually. We’re brain growers thank you very much.

Check out our full range of patterned products here.


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