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Poo Pantone – What The Hue of the Poo Means

Poo Pantone – What The Hue of the Poo Means

So, you’re a new parent…..welcome to the world of poo. Who knew poo would become our lives when we had children?

As a first time parent most of your conversations revolve around poo; the colour, the texture, poo explosions in the night, poo explosions in the day, the change the whole outfit poo explosion up the back, the bin the vest poo explosion. You take a couple of outfits spare for baby, but what about you when you get poo on your clothes? We have created a Poo Pantone for you to see ‘what hue is the poo?’ 🙂

Jet Black

Jet Black poo is that first sticky tar like poo that baby has when they are first born. You have a couple of days of this….it’s not the easiest to clean is it?

Honey Gold

Then Honey Gold is next as the healthy breastfed poo starts working its way through. Looking like mustard and cottage cheese mixed together….and that lovely sweet smell!

Misted Yellow

Misted Yellow is more the hue if you are formula feeding, like a peanut butter consistency type poo. It’s more pungent poo than breast-fed babies.

Lime Green

If baby’s poo has a green tinge to it, it could be that it is having too much fore-milk and not enough of the nutritious hindmilk. Green can also indicate allergies or infection, so do get checked with the GP. If blood is ever present in the poo, always get checked with a GP.

Once baby is on solids, you will start to see real grown up poo…and is actually quite a proud moment when they achieve their first solid poo after months of slodge 🙂

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