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5 Pregnancy Products to Help you Sleep

5 Pregnancy Products to Help you get a Good Night’s Sleep

Announce you’re preggers and bam! The world and its wife are worrying about your future sleep prospects. “Sleep now while you can,” comes the advice. However, sleep can be an issue even in pregnancy, especially that third trimester.


Studies suggest various reasons. From the obvious heaviness of your new body, to the excitement and jitters around your impending new arrival, it’s not unusual to struggle with sleeping from time to time. The good news is it’s totally normal.


A quick poll round the office mums revealed the products they swore by for a good night’s sleep. Here’s our round up…

A Good Quality Maternity Pillow

Investing in a good quality maternity pillow early on in your pregnancy can help with getting in your 8 hours later down the line. Experts recommend sleeping on your left side from your 3rd to keep optimal blood supply to your baby. If you’re a back sleeper this can take a little practice, (and a few sleepless nights). Starting early will help you adjust to this new sleeping position. Check out The Independents top 8 pregnancy pillows here

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Headspace App Subscription


Meditation is good for everyone but can be especially useful when you’re pregnant. Apps such as Headspace offer pregnancy packages to help ease any pre-birth nerves. They also have great sleep packages to help you drift off at night. Win win. Learn more over on the Headspace website 

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Lavender Pillow Spray

Lavender oil is on the approved list of essential oils that are safe to use during pregnancy. A light spritz of lavender spray on your pillow and sheets can help you relax and nod off. Your other half might even cadge it for their pillow once they’ve seen how well you sleep. We love this Miaroma relaxing lavender spray available at Holland & Barrett 


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Snore & Peace Tea

Lavender isn’t just for pillows. Why not enjoy it in your nightly brew too? Clipper tea’s Snore & Peace organic infusion tea bags are a comforting blend of chamomile, lavender and lemon balm. It’s the comfort in a cup you need to help you switch off. Buy direct from Clipper here

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Cosy Maternity PJ’s

Comfort is key for a good night’s kip. Fact. As that cute neat bump expands, unfortunately your fave PJ’s might seem to get a little tighter. The options? Either fight it and put up with seams digging in your side or invest in some comfy new PJ’s. We love these from Next. There aren’t many opportunities for luxury as a mum to be. Make this yours!

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