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Realistic Pregnancy Goals for New Beginnings

#MumGoals just got real. Forget floating serenely on a ‘mom’ cloud. When you’re preggers, it’s about experiencing it all and being you. Discover the real deal here…

Goal: Get more sleep

So often we hear ‘get in your sleep now while you can’ but getting in the Zzz’s when pregnant can be a tricky task. Help reach your goal by minimizing screen time before bed, avoiding caffeine and investing in a good quality pregnancy pillow. Not only will your joints thank you but the extra sleep will help boost your mood too.

Goal: Pick a baby name.

Why is picking a baby name so much easier when you’re NOT pregnant? If your goal is to decide on a baby name try writing a list with your SO and sleep on it for a few days before revising the list and highlighting the names you BOTH like. Chances are you’ll half the list in no time. Still can’t decide? Don’t stress it you’ll have some time when your baby is here to deliberate while looking into your baby’s peepers ahhh.

Goal: Be more social

If your pregnancy goal for the rest of 2020 is to socialise a bit more, firstly, cut yourself some slack. Socialising pregnant can be hard; as people are itching to get out, day drinks, birthday’s, catch up’s over cocktails can all be slightly painful if you’re the only sober person in the room. Write a list of things you enjoy doing and people you enjoy spending time with and take it from there. Don’t forget, afternoon tea in a cosy café with your mum still counts as socialising.


Goal: Consume your 5 a day

We’re constantly told in pregnancy just how important good nutrients is. Whilst we’ve all been over-indulging in snacks during lockdown, squeezing in your 5 a day is no easy task. A great way to fuel your body with what it needs is through soups and freshly made juices. Not only are they good for you and baby but they’re super simple to make.

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