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A Right Royal Hoo-Haa

A Right Royal Hoo-Ha

There was a right royal hoo-haa,
In London town,
Someone had managed to steal the Queen’s crown.

But even bigger news at the time,
A pigeon swiped her bloomers from the palace line.

Soldiers marched into Trafalgar square,
Up apples, down pears,
But they weren’t anywhere.

The world’s finest detective followed the clues,
to a garden party on the royal mews.

Where the W.I, in a garden so rosy,
had been using them as a tea cosy.

Then a space rockstar jumped from a hackney cab,
Singing, “Don’t fancy the tea but your cakes look fab.”

A soldier looked up to the sky and then,
Saw the bloomers flying atop Big Ben.

He took his umbrella and hooked them down.
Then a corgi waltzed in wearing the crown.

The detective answered the dog ‘n’ bone,
To hear the bloomers were needed to polish the throne.

The crown was returned to much relief,
But not as much as the return of the briefs.

The detective said “It’s elementary my dear”
“Your stolen bloomers was the crime of the year.”

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